Sr. Java Developer Job Interview Questions

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Tell us about a specific project you worked on in which you developed server-side code for internal and external web applications?

What is your experience in writing unit tests, automated regression tests and tracking defects as they occur? Provide a specific example?

Have you ever built and improved Open Source Java components? If so, what is a specific project you integrated such components?

What are some high level recommendations you made to improve the functionality of a system from a Java developer perspective? How did you present and implement the recommendations?

What is your working knowledge of the following technologies?

* Open Source frameworks
* J2EE
* Velocity
* Java i18n
* JDBC and relational databases
* HP/Unix and MS LAN environments:
* Oracle DB and SQL code,
* Oracle JDeveloper,
* Oracle ADF Framework,
* Oracle Forms
* Delphiv7.0,
* PL/SQL & SQL Plus Programming

How do you keep up with new technologies?


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