Senior Java developer的几个面试问题

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1. Talk about application architecture

2. When do you use different design patterns

3. what are the strengths and weaknesses of various models

4. how do you balance scalability, reliability, responsiveness

5. knowledge of development process

6. testing, tuning, monitoring, systemic qualities (scalability and scaling, maintainability etc

7. What is good about a relevant technology that is currently much maligned.

8. What is bad about a relevant technology that is currently being hyped

9. The fine detail of technologies that are relevant in a small (but relevant) number of cases.

10. When would you advocate building an application based around RMI and EJB?

11. What would worry you about adopting Spring as your Dependency Injection tool?

12. What types of application require remote management and how would you approach this using JMX?

13. Under what circumstances does the default JEE security model prove inadequate and what alternatives would you suggest?




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